Explicitly Dis-/Enabling Notebook ExecutionΒΆ

If you want to include a notebook without outputs and yet don’t want nbsphinx to execute it for you, you can explicitly disable this feature.

You can do this globally by setting the following option in conf.py:

nbsphinx_execute = 'never'

Or on a per-notebook basis by adding this to the notebook’s JSON metadata:

"nbsphinx": {
  "execute": "never"

There are three possible settings, "always", "auto" and "never". By default (= "auto"), notebooks with no outputs are executed and notebooks with at least one output are not. As always, per-notebook settings take precedence over the settings in conf.py.

This very notebook has its metadata set to "never", therefore the following cell is not executed:

In [ ]:
6 * 7