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Using Markdown Files§

Sphinx on its own doesn’t know how to handle Markdown files, but there are extensions that enable their usage as Sphinx source files. For an example, see the Sphinx documentation.

Alternatively, when using nbsphinx it is also possible to use Markdown files via custom notebook formats.

You only need to install the jupytext package and add a configuration setting to, which can be used to select one of several Markdown flavors supported by jupytext (here we are using R Markdown):

nbsphinx_custom_formats = {
    '.md': ['jupytext.reads', {'fmt': 'Rmd'}],

This very page was generated from a Markdown file using these settings.


Math equation can be used just like in Markdown cells of notebooks.

Inline like this: \(\text{e}^{i\pi} = -1\).

Or as a separate block:

\begin{equation*} \int\limits_{-\infty}^\infty f(x) \delta(x - x_0) dx = f(x_0) \end{equation*}