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Notebooks in Sub-Directories#

You can organize your notebooks in subdirectories and nbsphinx will take care that relative links to other notebooks, images and other files still work.

Let’s see if links to local images work: Jupyter notebook icon

from IPython.display import Image


There may be problems with images in output cells if your source directory contains symbolic links, see issue #49.

A link to a notebook in the same sub-directory: link.

A link to a notebook in the parent directory: link.

A link to a local file: link.

A random equation: \begin{equation} F_n = F_{n-1} + F_{n-2} \tag{08.15} \label{fibonacci-recurrence} \end{equation}

A Sub-Section#

This is just for testing inter-notebook links, see this section.

That’s a “Strange” Section#

This is for testing links to a section title containing quotes.